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OYAGSB Online – Protecting and preserving the environment is an important agenda for OYAGSB toward becoming an eminent business school. In support of the social responsibility agenda, OYAGSB recently conducted a Green Awareness Day that was open not only to the academic and administrative staff of the School but also to other people interested in environmental issues.

The Green Awareness Day started with an environmental awareness talk by two external consultants. The talk was primarily about the importance of protecting the environment and the role individuals can play in achieving the goal. The talk was then followed by the official launch of the School Environmental Policy, which communicates the School's commitment and contribution to protecting and preserving the environment. The Green Awareness extended to the second day involving a walk to the UUM Welcome Centre. The Green Awareness Day was also carried out to support the ISO14001 and SR10 initiatives of the School.

The Dean of OYAGSB, Prof. Zeljko Sevic, expressed satisfaction with the success of the Green Awareness Day and hoped that more environmental environmental programmes will be carried out in the future.