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Educate ourself to be greener

Go green practises are not only for facilities provided but also incorporated in several courses at UUM. UUM has taken the environment and sustainability as its primary concern and has encouraged schools to inculcate the importance in relevant courses.

For instance, School of Tourism, Hospitality and Environmental Management (STHEM) offers 9 courses related to environment and sustainability under Bachelor of Tourism Management and Bachelor of Hospitality Management programmes. Those courses are Introduction to Tourism, Heritage Resource Management, Recreation Management, Environmental and Tourism Management, Travel Services Management, Tourism Policy, Planning & Development, Tourism Seminars, Housekeeping, and Hospitality Operation Management.

Besides, School of Technology Management and Logistics (STML) also offers 4 courses related to environment and sustainability namely Technology Policy & Strategy, Environmental and Engineering, Logistics Management, and Purchasing Management and Supply Chain.

Adding to the list is School of Government (SOG) which offers 6 courses related to environment and sustainability namely Environmental Management, Municipalities and Landscape Management, Development Management Issues Seminar, Third World Development Theory and Urbanization and Industrialization.