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Educate ourself to be greener

Our aim is to create a new generation that is concerned with sustainability.

Sustainability activities

UUM encourages its staff and students’ involvement in green and sustainability activities for the purpose of fostering awareness on the importance of the environment. The UUM Strategic Plan will oversee this activity. A total of 247 activities organized by staff and students related to green and sustainability were reported in UUM Strategic Plan 2019.


The university is offering the Development and Ecosystem Research Grant Scheme (DEcoR), to encourage research activities through co-design and co-production of solution to drive sustainable development and ecosystems within the UUM campus. DEcoR scheme research could stimulate the generation of knowledge and the sharing of expertise that can produce research results that can be executed for the well-being of the campus community in particular, and the country in general.

Courses offer

Go green practises are not only for facilities provided but also incorporated in several courses at UUM. UUM has taken the environment and sustainability as its primary concern and has encouraged schools to inculcate the importance in relevant courses. The courses that are offered by the University which aims to embed sustainability into all courses and content modules. Some of the subjects offered are included in the University Core, the Program and Elective Core which can be embed in other programs.