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UUM ONLINE: In addition to the Three Siblings Trees, the Sintok forest will once again be in the spotlight after the discovery of a rare plant, the Voodoo Lily or the locally known  as ?lekir? tree or ?loci? in the forest area of the University.

Known as the tree with the largest unbranched inflorescence, the ?lekir? tree or its scientific name, Amorphophallus prainii is part of the Araceae species.

These ?lekir? trees which can be seen growing on the side of the road and some along the Sintok forest trek are now at the leave-growing stage. It is said that the tree can grow to a height of more than two meters.

Amorphophallus prainii is set to become the next UUM attraction because of its extraordinarily large leaves which resembles that of an umbrella. The tree can reach a height of 2.1 meters while the diameter of the leaves can span up to 2.5 meters.

Besides that its flower emits a rather unpleasant odour beginning from the evening until night to attract potential pollinators namely beetles and flies.

This tree usually grows in lowland areas in tropical and sub-tropical zones namely in regions from West Africa to the Pacific islands.

With the discovery of this rare tree in one fell swoop it becomes the latest attraction to UUM whilst promoting the green image of the campus.